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GenePath Dx has a 'world-class' laboratory which is built to international quality standards. The laboratory has 'state-of-the-art' equipment like an Illumina MiSeq next generation sequencer, a Thermo/Life ABI3500 capillary sequencer, and several real-time PCR machines. An Affymetrix Microarray system will shortly become operational too. Additionally the lab is equipped with Oxford Nanopore Technologies' MinIon single molecular nanopore sequencer and CelSee Diagnostics' CTC separation microfluidic platform. The lab design provides for a unidirectional flow of samples and reagents, with each area being access controlled, to minimise the possibility of contamination.


Office Facilities
Lab Infrastructure
GenePath Dx has been able to provide us with
high quality results for molecular genetic tests, with quicker turn-around times and at lower rates than other labs we have used earlier
Dr. Valentine Lobo
MD (Nephrology), DNB, Consultant Nephrologist - KEM Hospital, Pune
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